15th July 2019

Our latest update will be applied to your live system w/c 15th July and features new payment gateway integrations with Adyen & WPM Education, the highly anticipated Custom Field Builder, and lots of little improvements and additions to your accessplanit system!

Please take a look through this page, or watch through our release notes video to find out what is new in your accessplanit system.

15th July Features

Custom Field Builder

It is now possible to build your own custom fields within your accessplanit system!

If you need to store any additional information about your Users, Delegates, Courses or Course Templates, simply create a new field in your system to store it. You can create free text fields, numeric fields, checkbox fields and date fields using this new tool.

Access the new Custom Field Builder via the Administration menu options.

If you would like to know any more about building your own Custom Fields - head over to our dedicated guide!

Payment Gateway - Adyen

We have integrated with the Dutch payment gateway Adyen, Adyen are a good payment solution for large, low-risk businesses.

Adyen currently work with a bunch of well-known names including Uber, eBay, Microsoft, Esty, Evernote and Spotify and have plenty of blog posts and online reviews praising their service.

Our integration with Ayden uses their 'Components' approach, where the Adyen service is built into your accessplanit shopping basket so that the user is not taken away from their basket to complete their payment.

If you would like to know anymore about Adyen, please take a look at their website.

If you would like to know how to set this up or about what is involved, take a look at our /wiki/spaces/HW/pages/390332417.

Payment Gateway - WPM Education

Another new payment option! WPM Education are an education-industry based payment platform that work with many big named universities including the University of Manchester, Harper Adams University, University of Oxford and University of Birmingham.

Our integration with WPM Education allows you to organise and manage your accessplanit payments alongside other education based payments such as accommodation fees, library costs and course loans.

If you are interested in getting use out of the integration between WPM & accessplanit please take a look at our dedicated guide.

eLearning - Hide Success Overview from delegates

You can now hide the 'Success Overview' page that is available to delegates from their eLearning courses in the Learner Portal.

The Success Overview provides delegates with detail about how well they performed on the course, if you allow your delegates to resit eLearning courses you can now hide this info from them by unchecking the 'Show Success Overview for Delegates' option within your eLearning course package settings.

Text/Email Templates - Nested Fields

It is now possible to include fields from neighbouring models in Text/Email Templates

This includes

  • Displaying CourseDate fields in UserCourseDate templates
  • Displaying User fields in UserAward templates
  • Displaying CourseTemplate fields in CourseDate templates

The format required for this is @@ModelName.PropertyName

Here are some examples

  • @@CourseDate.Advertise
  • @@User.EmailAddress
  • @@CourseTemplate.Overview

Shopping Basket - VAT % now hidden

The percentage value of VAT on the final stage of the shopping basket has been hidden. This previously displayed the VAT % relating to the training provider (i.e. '20%') whether this was accurate for the user's shopping basket or not! So to prevent confusion, we have tucked it away behind the scenes and now the user just sees the value of the VAT being added to their basket.

Invoices - Drive Delegate status based on Invoice status

You can now drive the status of your delegates based on the status of their invoice!

Choose the status that is assigned to delegates when

  1. Their invoice is outstanding
  2. Their invoice is part completed
  3. Their invoice is completed

This means that you can (for example) set all of your delegates to be 'Provisional' or 'On Hold' until you have received full payment for their booking, at which point they will automatically be updated to the status of 'Booked'.

Have a chat with your CSM here at accessplanit it you would like to start using this!

Quick disclaimer: please bear in mind that this functionality will not work with any other auto-status functionality such as auto-promote waiting list delegates to booked when a place becomes available. This functionality also will not work in conjunction with the transfer wizard, as Delegates will automatically be added as Booked on the new course.

Sage / Zynk - Updates

We have made two changes to our Zynk integration with Sage in this latest release

  • Send invoices as 'not posted'
    You can now send your invoices from accessplanit to Sage with a status of not-posted, allowing you to make changes to them before they are fully committed.
  • Hide Global Tax Rate and Global Nominal Code from the feed
    You can now hide the two 'Global' values from the feed so that the tax rate and nominal codes are pulled from each individual invoice item rather than the invoice itself

Both of these new settings are available now so please get in touch with a member of the helpdesk team to get them enabled or to ask any questions about them.

Course Templates - New field for managing Cost Centre

You can now store the cost centre for your courses within your accessplanit system, this is a new field available against each of your Course Templates.

Shopping Basket Options - Hide Shopping Basket Invoice

There is a new Shopping Basket Option available for you which allows you to deactivate the Shopping Basket Invoice

The Shopping Basket Invoice is accessed on the Payment Stage of the basket and allows your booking users to get a preview of the Invoice that will be created as a result of their booking.

If you invoice from another system, or you do not think your customers/users benefit from this Basket Invoice, simply turn it off within the Shopping Basket Options page in Administration.

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Suggestions Portal.