Quick Booker Overview


The Quick Book tool is a booking method that allows your Users to bypass the Shopping Basket. The Quick Booker lives within the Learner Portal for individuals so that they can book themselves onto Courses from the Course Search in two clicks. To learn more about the Portal, click here. 

To learn how to use the Quick Book tool, click here.

How does the Quick Book tool work?

The Quick Book tool works if you have Courses in accessplanit with no cost associated to them. Users simply find the Course they would like to book onto in the Course Search which can be found in the Portal. Once they have done this, they just need to click Confirm Booking.

How to switch on the Quick Book tool

In order for the Quick Book Tool to be switched on, you'll need to contact the Support Team at accessplanit who can switch on this functionality for you. To learn more about the Helpdesk and Support Portal, click here.


The Quick Book tool is only available for Users on the accessplanit platform with the 'Individual' Main Role.