22nd April, 2019

Our latest update will be applied to your live system w/c 22nd April and features a lot of useful changes and features.

Please take a look through this page, or watch through our release notes video to find out what is new in your accessplanit system.

22nd April Features

Opportunities - The Opportunities Board

Following in the footsteps of your Tasks Board from our last release , you now have access to an Opportunities Board from your Opportunities module! This is a super simple page for viewing and managing your sales pipeline, you can create new Opportunities from this page, update them and send emails.

For now your Opportunities Board will display the Opps that are assigned to you only, keeping everything else out of the way, but we'd love to hear from you if you think that displaying every Opportunity would be useful!

If you would like to jump right in and start using it, just hit the toggle button at the top of your Opportunities page!

System Wide - Collapse the Main Menu

Make use of a lot more of the space on your screen by utilising your new collapsing menu option!

You can now tuck away the menu when you don't need it, allowing you to display more columns in your DataGrids, more columns in your Tasks and Opps Boards, and giving you more space in your calendars.

Invoices - Hide Your Sessions

If you would like tidier, shorter invoices for your customers, your free sessions can now be hidden away.

For example the following invoice would be changed from this...

To this...

Please get in touch with your CSM if you would like this change making in your system.

Resources - Customise your Resource Unavailability Options

Create and manage the options available for Resource Unavailability.

We have updated the unavailability options for your resources so that they are now stored within Custom List Items

This means that you can edit and create your own resource unavailability options, create new options such as

  • Refurbishing
  • In Training
  • In Maintenance
  • Booked for Conference


You can use Custom List Items to manage so many areas of your system, take a look to see if there is anything that you can update or add to improve your processes! 

User Awards - Display & Filter on Renewed and Renewing

These two new columns are available in the Administrator and Manager view User Award DataGrids for accurate compliance reporting and a broad view of your user award statuses

Renewed – has the user already renewed their expired award

Renewing – has the user already booked onto a course that will award them that award


Document Templates - Preview

Once you have designed and uploaded a document template you can now use your new preview tool to make sure that it is perfect before you put it to use.


Opportunities - Filter by Course

Use this new filter in your Opportunities DataGrid and within your Opportunities Workflows to find out how many enquiries you have had about each course, promote upcoming course dates, and send on course specific information to your prospects


Learner Portal – Custom Footer

The footer of your portal, and log in screen is now customisable so if you would like to add in any content such as a cookies policy, or just some helpful links, please get in touch with a member of the accessplanit team and they'll work with you to get this added in!


Xero Integration - Tax Codes

Our Xero integration through Zynk now includes Tax Codes so that your invoices are properly categorised within the popular accounting software


User Awards – Auto Expiry Date

The expiry date on User Awards will now be automatically populated when you manually assign a completed award that has a lifetime to a user


If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Suggestions Portal.