Coursecheck Integration

This page explains how Coursecheck can support you, and how our integration with Coursecheck works to save you hours of administration time and reduce human error.

What is Coursecheck?

Coursecheck is a ratings and reviews website that’s specifically for training courses. It doubles as a comprehensive customer survey tool, designed to replace paper forms or other online survey tools. 
Detailed feedback is only visible to you (the training provider), but overall comments and ratings are published on Coursecheck for anyone to see.

Key benefits

  1. By showcasing all your feedback on Coursecheck, you can “prove” how good your courses are. People like this complete picture, especially on an independent website.
  2. Google loves reviews, so your search engine rankings get a big boost.
  3. Integration with social media makes it easy for people to spread the word about your courses and you can respond to customer feedback by adding comments of your own.
  4. Automated management reports, delivered to your inbox, let you see the big picture without ever losing sight of the detail.

Integrating your accessplanit platform with Coursecheck 

Your accessplanit platform will be set up to produce a feed of course information to be sent over to Coursecheck. Coursecheck will then use this feed to automatically populate your Coursecheck platform with the courses - making sure that your two platforms are linked and synced with no effort required from you! 

At the end of your courses, all you need to do it provide your Delegates with your review link and the accessplanit Course Date ID, then watch your reviews roll in!

What information is sent to Coursecheck?

Course Info

  • Course Template ID

  • Course Alias (if provided)

  • Course Start Date (classroom and webinar only)
  • Course End Date (classroom and webinar only)

  • Course Status

  • Course Cost and Cost Type, Currency and Currency Symbol

  • Course Duration and Duration Type

  • Delivery Type ID 

  • Parent Session Course ID (if the course is a session)
  • Trainer ID (classroom and webinar only)

  • Venue ID (classroom only)

Course Template Info

  • Course Template ID

  • Course Name

  • Course Type

  • Course Description

  • Course Category IDs

  • Standard* Course Cost and Cost Type, Currency and Currency Symbol

  • Standard* Course Duration and Duration Type

  • Standard* Delivery Type ID

  • External ID

Delivery Method Info

  • Delivery Method Label

  • Delivery Method ID

Categories Info

  • Category Label

  • Category ID

Trainers Info

  • Resource Mapped ID

  • User ID (if available)

  • Resource Label

Venues Info

  • Venue ID
  • Venue label

  • Venue Alias
  • Resource Type Label


  1. Is there a cost for Coursecheck integration?
    There is an annual fee for supporting and maintaining the integration with Coursecheck. Please get in touch with your CSM for more information.

  2. How can I get started?
    If you do not yet have a Coursecheck account the first thing you need to do is get in touch with the team on 020 3432 4484 or
    After that, leave it up to us! Get in touch with your CSM to let them know that you'd like to get the ball rolling and they'll do all the leg work to get your integration set up.