Vouchers Overview


Vouchers are items that can be assigned to Users within accessplanit that may be used against the prices of the courses you run. 

To learn how to use Vouchers, click here.

Where to find the Vouchers area

This option is found under the Finance section at the left hand side of the platform.

Setting up a Voucher

Before you can set up a Voucher, you'll need to fill in a few fields first. Here's an overview of what they all mean:

This is the name you want to give the Voucher. So, if the Voucher is advertised and is able to be bought through the Shopping Basket, this is the label that the Users will see.

Purchase Price 
This field is where you can designate how much you would like the Voucher to cost when being bought by a User. This can be different to the value of the Voucher, as sometimes you might want a User to pay a lower price than what the Voucher is worth. However, if you leave this blank, the platform will assume the value of the Voucher and the purchase price are the same.

The Value is how much the Voucher will take off a booking when it is used. So, if you were to put 100 in this field and you used GDP as your currency, when the Voucher is applied at the Shopping Basket, the platform will take £100 off the booking cost.

The Status indicates whether the Voucher is available to be bought or added to a User. Available means the Voucher can be bought by a User and applied to a booking. Unavailable means the Voucher can be applied to a booking, but it can't be bought by a User. Meanwhile, Deleted means the voucher can't be bought or applied anymore.

Advanced Options

Here, you can determine how long you want the Voucher to be active for.

Lifetime is the number of days, weeks, etc. you want the Voucher to be usable before it expires and can no longer be applied to a booking.

Lifetime Type is a drop-down list with fours duration options to choose from; days, weeks, months, and years.

Usable Between

Usage Start is the date from when the Voucher can be used, so the Voucher will not be able to be used on courses that begin prior to this date.

Likewise, Usage End is the expiry date of the Voucher, and the Voucher will not be able to be used on courses that end after this date has passed. You can leave these lifetime and usage fields blank if you do not want any time limit for when a Voucher can be used.

Other information stored against a Voucher

Here, you can designate which Accounts, Account Groups, or Course Templates that this Voucher can be used by or against.

This tab allows you to keep track of the number of issued and used versions of this Voucher that are on your platform.

Selling Vouchers

As well as assigning Vouchers to Users to spend on courses, you can additionally sell Vouchers.

You can either add Vouchers to your Shopping Basket directly from the Vouchers DataGrid, or you can send your customers a purchase link for a Voucher. The links to the vouchers can also be added into your website to allow new customers to find and purchase a Voucher alongside your courses.

Through the DataGrid

You can add a Voucher to your Shopping Basket by accessing the DataGrid, right clicking on the Voucher and selecting the 'Add to Basket' option.

If the "Add To Basket" option does not appear, you can contact the Helpdesk through the support portal to have it enabled.

Every Voucher has its own purchase link that you can add to your website or send to Users directly. This link will take them to a shopping basket with the voucher added to the basket.

You can now copy your Vouchers' purchase link to your clipboard via the Vouchers DataGrid by right-clicking it and selecting the Copy Purchase Link option from the context menu.

Using Vouchers

When a Voucher is used as payment for a course, either through the Shopping Basket or from the admin view, this is spent against the Cost value of the course.

For example, if you have a Voucher with the Value of £100 and a Course that has a Cost of £100 (and the provider is tax exclusive), even though your shopping basket would be for a total of £120 (£100 + VAT), the invoice would be fully paid and the Voucher has been fully spent.

The transaction on the invoice would show as £120 because this is the Gross amount spent, but the Amount Used will show as £100 to correspond with the Value field.

When using a Voucher as a payment method you must ensure you bill to the correct record. For example, if the Voucher is mapped to an Account then you must bill the booking to the Account. If the Voucher is mapped to a User then you must ensure the booking is a private booking billed to the User.