SmartGrids: Bookings

The Bookings SmartGrid displays all bookings that have been made in accessplanit  - that is, all Delegates booked onto courses through the Shopping Basket, not added through a DataGrid. Within this DataGrid, you can view booking records and edit PO Numbers.


  • Booking Type – This will be Private if the basket is billed to the individual user, rather than a non-private booking, where the user's account will be billed instead.
  • Booking Status – This will be Online if the Booking User ID is the same as the User ID (e.g. an end user) and Offline if not (e.g. an admin processing the booking).
  • User ID and User Name – This is the user who was logged into the system taking this booking, so it could be an admin or end user.
  • Booking User ID and Booking User Name – This is the user who was selected as the Booker during the basket.
  • Delegate User IDs – These are the Delegates that have been booked onto the courses.

How to view a booking

  1. To view more details about a booking that has been made, right click on the relevant booking and select View from the context menu.

  2. A window will appear providing you with more information about the booking.

How to edit a PO Number

  1. Right-click on the correct booking and select Edit PO Number from the context menu.

  2. Update the PO number in the pop up window.