28th January 2019

Over the last 6 weeks (of course with the exception of Christmas 😉) we have been very busy getting our first release of 2019 ready for you!

The 28th January 2019 release includes four major changes and improvements to your accessplanit system, along with some several smaller changes:

  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Manager access changes
  • Moodle integration additions
  • Resource requirement quantity

Take a look through this page, or watch through our release notes video to find out what is new in your accessplanit system.


Your accessplanit system now supports taking payments in your Shopping Basket using Stripe!

Stripe is very quickly becoming one of the more popular international payment gateways; supported in a wide variety of countries and currencies.

Stripe is not only functional, but it is also very user-friendly and with our built-in integration you can essentially plug and play your Stripe account into your accessplanit system!

Please click here to access our dedicated Stripe help guide

If you would like to know any more information about this option, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Manager Access Changes

We have made a couple of updates to the 'Manager Access' within your accessplanit system, managers can now - 

1. Cancel Delegates

There are two options available within your accessplanit system which allow your delegates to manage their course places from their portal

  • Request to cancel
  • Direct cancel

We have now extended these two options so that managers are also able to cancel or request to cancel bookings giving them the same amount of control over bookings as the delegates themselves.

If you would like either of these two options enabling on your system please get in touch with our helpdesk team.

2. Only Access Active Users

Managers can now filter users to only see active users that belong to accounts that they manage, this means that their lists of users are much tidier and easier to navigate through!

Moodle Integration Additions

There are two major updated to our Moodle Integration!

  1. Your accessplanit system will be able to send updates to your Moodle system when the course start and end date/time are updated, keeping your courses in sync
  2. Your accessplanit system will receive the score assigned to the delegate back from Moodle so that you can be updated when they complete their course! You can then use this score to trigger email or task Workflows.

Resource Requirement Quantity

You can now specify how many resources you are using on your courses

This is really time-saving for those courses that need multiple resources, simply type in the quantity that you need rather than assigning the resource multiple times!

We have also added the forecasted expenditure of the resource at the bottom of this form, this expenditure is based on the number that you are using and the cost of the resource, having this information to hand while you're assigning resources to your course give you a much better handle on how much your course is costing you to run!

eCampaigns can be scheduled

You can now enter a date that your eCampaign will be sent on so that you can more effectively plan and execute your marketing campaigns!

By entering a send date, you can control exactly when your eCampaign sends and choose the days and times that you know are most effective.

Access the File Store from your Course Calendar

You can now access the File Store for your courses via your Course Calendar, this shortcut allows you to quickly view, download and upload course specific files.

Easy access to temporary Invoices

View, Edit and access your temporary invoices on a DataGrid from your Delegates DataGrid

This means that you can access the Temporary Invoice and commit it in 4 clicks!

Send a Booking link from an Opportunity

You can now insert a booking link into your Opportunity Workflows & Email Templates! When your customer clicks this link they will be taken directly to your accessplanit shopping basket, with each of the course items & quantity from their Opportunity added ready for them to book.

Note: If you have added any cost overrides to the Opportunity items these currently are not included, we're working on this for the next release!

Ability to change a User’s Main Account

For those users that have multiple employment records, you now have control over which account is displayed as their 'Main Account', this is really helpful for reporting in your DataGrids and searching for users in various pages of your system.

Sage Integration includes Tax Codes for each Invoice Item

If you integrate your invoices with Sage you can now assign Tax Codes to your Course Templates in your system to differentiate them within Sage

User Status update

We have updated the terminology of user statuses

Enabled > has been renamed to > Active

Disabled > has been renamed to > Inactive

View and sort delegates by Date Registered

We have added 'Date Registered' into the Users Courses DataGrid, you can access this page by clicking on the Courses tab when viewing a User.

This allows you to more easily navigate through the list for Users that are booked onto 10s of Courses!

If you would like any support with any of the new features or changes please get in touch with our Helpdesk Team.

If you have any ideas of how we can improve the product further, please log these on our Product Suggestions Portal.