2nd July 2018

The latest release includes the feature updates listed below.

Feature Updates

Ability to Import ‘Job Role’ within the Users Import Destination

When building an Import Profile and selecting the User model, the option for JobRole is now available.

Now specific Job Roles can be imported as part of your User data, before this change, specific Job Roles had to be manually added to users after the import.

'JobRole' should not be confused with 'JobTitle' the difference being that JobTitle is a free text field that allows anything to be imported and stored against a user to describe a users job title. A JobRole is a specific area of the administration section of the system that consist of specific labels that can be mapped to Auto Targeted Awards or Auto Registration on elearning. for further information on JobRoles click here.

Web Feed changes

The "GetCourses" web feed now contains Category labels, making it easier for website developers to display the name of a category for courses on the web pages.

For further information on the web feed, please contact your CSM or the Helpdesk team.

Select All’ function from DataGrids

When bulk editing information on a DataGrid and all currently selected rows are selected (regardless of how many rows are showing on the page)

A link now displays under all of the column headers in the middle of the page that; when clicked selects all records, not just the rows that are shown.