22nd January, 2018

The latest release includes the feature updates listed below.

"Add to basket" option now links directly to the Shopping Basket

You will now find that when adding a course to a Shopping Basket, there is a link directly to the basket from the confirmation message.

Translate your system into the language of your choice

It is now possible to translate the system into your preferred language. As an Administrator, this can be accessed through the drop-down area.

By clicking the current language a further window will open allowing you to select the language you would like to show and also enabling the "Inline Edit Mode Enabled" will allow you to make translation adjustments on the go.

Adjustments can be made when the "Inline Edit Mode Enabled" is selected. To do this you can left click and hold until the text cursor shows, allowing adjustments to the inline text.

External users will also now notice a drop-down box in the Shopping Basket and Registration Forms so that they can complete their details in their preferred language.  

Warning message if incompatible resources are selected for a course

Although resource lists are pre-filtered to reduce the likelihood of selecting a resource for a course that is incompatible, a further check has been added to notify Administrators if a resource is incompatible with the course.

Warning message when trying to add historical courses to the Shopping Basket

A message now shows when trying to add a historical course to the Shopping Basket explaining why the Shopping Basket was automatically cleared.