16th October, 2017

The latest release includes the bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Compose an Email Template using free text

Now create an Email Template without having to use pre-existing Text Templates. This provides complete flexibility and saves tons of time when composing your Email Template. 

Use the Free Text option to write free text directly into the Email Template using the Rich Text Editor. 

Click here to view the Email Templates help guide article.

Test Workflow emails in multiple email clients

When previewing an email Workflow action, send a test email to email addresses of your choice. This provides you with the opportunity to test how an email will look in multiple email clients before sending. 

The Preview Object field determines the information that will be displayed in the test email. 

This functionality will still work if your system emails are turned off, including in Test and Sandbox sites, as the testing feature bypasses the email on/off rules.

Now preview email attachments 

An enhancement to Workflows allows you to preview email attachments populated using the Preview Object field. This means you have complete control of your entire Workflow communication prior to sending it out.   

Further enhancements to Workflows

You can now:

  • The "Venue Provider" is now an available recipient for your communications.
  • There is now a filter that allows Workflows to be filtered on categories 

Click here to view the Workflow help guide article. 

Changes to Sandbox & Test system email

We have enhanced your Sandbox & Test systems to allow you to send some additional emails out. You can now reset passwords on Test and Sandbox environments and also use the ‘Send Sample’ option available in Workflows. Click here for further information.

Easy overview when setting up sessional courses 

When adding a new course, you can now see at a glance whether the selected course type is sessional.

Click here to view the Course Management help guide article

Easily see course type in session plans

When viewing a session plan Datagrid, you can easily see the type of course that the session item belongs to such as Class, Elearning or Knowledge Documents.

Define user roles using the Importer

User roles can now be imported allowing 'permissions' to be assigned to users in bulk. These additional columns can now be imported:

  1. User ID
  2. Role ID
  3. Role Label
  4. Company ID
  5. Company Name
  6. Company Group ID
  7. Company Group Name

Please note:

  • The imported role may not exceed the role level of the highest role held by the user importing the data. 

Include Shipping Address within data imports

The Importer has been enhanced to allow shipping addresses to be included in an account/user import.

Introducing Trainer Confirmations Smart Grid

An additional Smart Grid has been added to your system showing all trainer confirmation requests and the status. This means that courses no longer need to be reviewed individually to see the trainer's confirmation status.

The Datagrid includes the following filterable and sortable columns: 

  • Course Template Label
  • Course Alias
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • Course Status

These columns can be accessed via the above Smart Grid or via the trainer confirmations grid at a Course Date level.

Easily view venues with the Class Delegates Smart Grid

Venue label has been added to the Smart Grid for class delegates so that this information is now available at a glance. 

Click here for the Smart Grid help guide article.

Preview a Text Template before it is sent 

When defining the content of a Text Template, hit Preview to see how it will appear to the recipient before it is sent. 

Click here to view the Text Template help guide article

Email a User's Direct Manager 

A Direct Manager email address option is now available. This ensures that the Direct Manager can be used as an email recipient rather than the company manager. 

The field must be available for selection as an email target from the delegates Datagrid's Email function, as well as for a UserCourseDateModel related Workflow action.