7th August, 2017

The latest release includes the bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Adding multiple sessions to a sessional course date

You can now add multiple sessions to a sessions plan for course dates.

To do this, select the Sessions option from the context menu in Class Course Maintenance.

Once you have selected Add, you can select multiple sessions as opposed to adding each session individually to save valuable time.

Add Administrators as a workflow recipient

It is now possible to send Workflows that use the CourseDateModel to Administrators.

To do this, access Workflows from the Administration menu options, right click on the Workflow and select Actions.

From the menu that appears, right click and edit the action. You can then select Administrator User Emails from the 'To Address' drop down.

Showing course costs in the calendar

It is now possible to see the cost of a course date in the tool tip whilst hovering over a slot in the calendar.

To enable this, Navigate to the Course Calendar and select Advanced Options. Then click the hyperlink for the tool tip items and tick the Cost option.

Finally press Apply Filters.

Course statuses are now coloured

Status columns in the Datagrids are now coloured separately to make them easier to distinguish.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue whereby text templates could be deleted that were being referenced by Ecampaigns
  • Resolved an issue whereby generating a public calendar link through the calendar errored
  • Resolved an issue whereby after using the multiselect function in datagrids then deselecting certain rows. Deselected rows were still affected by mass actions
  • Resolved an issue whereby administrators could delete a file in the file store without first being warned that it was being referenced in a workflow
  • Resolved an issue whereby previewing email templates caused an error