24th July, 2017

The latest release includes the feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Easily Filter Communications By Email Recipient 

You can now display and filter on the Email To Address within your communications Datagrid.

To see this, access your Communications Datagrid, and add the column 'Email To Address'.

Simply Delete Workflows

It is now possible to delete any incorrect workflows.

To do this, access Workflows from the Administration menu options, right click on the workflow that you would like to delete and click on the Delete option from the context menu.

Record Additional Course Template Information

There is a new field available within Course Templates for providing any extra information, this field can be displayed within the Course Templates Datagrid and filtered on.

Display Additional Course Fields On Your Website

It is now possible to display more information about your course on your website through the website integration web service. You can now display:

a. Categories now include the category label in addition to the category ID

b. Course Delivery Method ID is now included

c. Course Template External ID is now included

d. Whether or not the course is sessional 

Establish Workflow Changes With More Defined Error Messages

You are now able to see if a Workflow has errored during the creation or execution of the Workflow instance. This will help to determine at what stage you need to amend your Workflow criteria.

Send Email Templates for Placeholders

It is now possible to send emails and email templates from the Placeholders Datagrid to the Booking User and the Owner's email addresses. 

Now Cancel Placeholders With An Invoice Associated

You can now cancel placeholders even when they have an associated invoice

Filter By Delivery Method

You can now use the Delivery Method field in the following areas:

  • Datagrids - add as a column and filter on this information to find the courses you need quickly
  • Workflows - Define appropriate communications based on whether your course is in-house or public
  • Reports - produce reports including Delivery Method information