18th July, 2017

Latest release includes feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Edit Invoices Easily In The New System

Invoices can now be edited quickly and easily in the new system and you are no longer required to switch back to the legacy system.

To edit an invoice visit: Finance > Invoices > right click an invoice and select Edit.

Send eCampaigns On An Ad-hoc Basis For Ultimate Flexibility

The eCampaigns interface now allows an email address to be specified at the time of sending.

To see this in action, select a list of recipients and choose eCampaign as the email type.

When the option of email opens up select eCampaign.

A Complete Visual Overview Of Your Accounts

The Accounts Datagrid now shows the status badges in colours in the same way as the Users Datagrid.

Handy Invoice Reference Now Included In The Shopping Basket

At the end of the Shopping Basket, an invoice number will now display at on the summary page for an instant reference.

Performance Enhancements Applied For New Version Updates

A change has now been made to automatically pre-load your most used pages when a new version update is applied.

This change will mean that when any new version  updates are applied, slower loading pages should be eliminated.