5th May, 2017

Latest release includes bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Easily track sales agents

When managing your sales pipeline, it is crucial to know which sales agent is responsible for each opportunity.  

You are now able to input an 'Agent ID' when progressing through the Shopping Basket. Simply add which sales agent is responsible for the booking on the payment page for accurate reporting and commission tracking.

Accurately track additional delegate requirements

When running a course, it is imperative that you meet the needs of all your delegates. You can now manually create additional requirements to ensure that you track exactly what you need to know.  

Found under Administration, you are now able to input additional requirements and assign them to the relevant user under the Personal tab.

Immediately assign Managers to Users

Ducking and diving out of numerous different tabs can be a chore.  

Now when creating a new user, you can choose a Direct Manager from the initial creation screen. This avoids having to navigate to a separate page when selecting a manager for a new user.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug that caused the Shopping Basket to crash when being mapped to an object has now been resolved
  • There are no further known errors to the Shopping Basket