21st April, 2017

Latest release includes bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Data Selection Improvements

When choosing a data entry from a pop up window, the system will remember the selection you have made even if you navigate to the next page.

Delegate Preview Page

You can now view delegate attributes and additional requirements within the delegate preview page. This can be found either through the Smart Grids or through a Course Instance, then to the delegate page.

Opportunity Datagrid

You can now view Course Templates related to an Opportunity from a Datagrid. To add this, simply manipulate the columns displayed at the top right of the Datagrid.

Additional Datagrid Fields Now Available 

We have expanded the available columns on various datagrids within the system.

  • Course Date Booking: Total Value, Total Discount, Related Invoice IDs /References
  • Resources: Parent resource type ID / label
  • User Course Date: Trainer Names, Venue Name, Delegate User Job Roles, Delegate User Job Title
  • Courses: Course Administrator IDs / Names
  • Invoices: Related Transaction Types
  • Course Templates: Minimum Required Awards
  • Accounts: Billing Email Address
  • User: Billing Email Address
  • Delegates: Delegate User Phone Number
  • Resource Requirement: Course Template Label, Course Start Date, Course End Date, Course Status

Additional Updates To New System

  • Exchange integration settings for resources and accounts is now visible within the Administration area
  • Workflow enhancements - a number of fields and links have been added to the opportunity model and task model that will now allow each of these to be mapped to an individual
  • You are now able to bulk import sessional courses and define the minimum and maximum number of sessions in a course during this import.
  • To increase the efficiency of bulk emailing, the maximum number of emails you can send from a Datagrid in bulk is now 50. 

Bug Fixes

  • Applying a string comparison filter rule on workflows is no longer case sensitive
  • The error in the legacy system happening in the My Teaching, Manage Candidates page has been fixed
  • My Resources within the portal does not error now with course linked objects