8th January, 2018

The latest release includes the feature updates listed below.

DOB field now available to import

You can now Import Date of Birth (D.O.B) within your Import Profiles when using a 'User' based profile. 

Click here for the help guide article on Import Jobs and Import Profiles.

Joining Instructions text has been added to import profiles

Now when you create an import profile relevant to Course and Companies you can select joining instructions text.

Click here for the help guide article on Import Jobs and Import Profiles.

Provisional Bookings at Training Provider Level

This is a tick box within the Administration section, within the Shopping Basket 3 Options page

Click here for the help guide article on Shopping Basket 3.

Delegate Datagrids, now allow filter by: Is Session Candidate

This works in the same way other filter options are used, visit help guides in relation to Filters, please visit the Datagrids helpguide

Note: this option would only be available on a delegates Datagrid, each Datagrid has specific fields and filters that only apply to the data within the Datagrid

Training Administrators can now delete other Users Roles

Roles are what give users permissions to access and amend areas within the system. Training Administrators may wish to remove Roles when a users Job Role has changed and/or if training is required before the user should have access and/or amend areas.

Although Roles could be added by a Training Administrator, there was no way to remove a role until this change.

Click here to visit the Users Roles section of the help guide

Save time setting up tasks

Cloning tasks can save you time, if additional tasks have been added to a Course Template, after a Course Date has already been added. 

Cloning Tasks works differently when carried out against course templates and course dates. the difference being that cloning a task from a course date copies the exact start and due dates, it does not 'slide' the dates to match the date the task is cloned to.

Cloning from a course template copies the same formula for the template meaning any new dates will inherit the correct date settings based on the template. 

Click here for the Tasks section in the help guide.