13th November, 2017

The latest release includes the feature updates listed below.

Feature Updates

Track changes made within the Workflow area using an Audit Log

You can now track the changes made within a Workflow and see when it was created. Right click on a Workflow and select Audit Log.

Make use of the dynamic labels in the Session Datagrid

The default column list has been replaced by the following three columns: 

  • Mapped Object Label
  • Mapped Object Start Date
  • Mapped Object End Date

Find the head session of a sessional course, right click on Sessions.

You can now make use of the dynamic labels by left clicking on the Mapped Object Label, from here you can Preview, Edit or view the session in a Datagrid.

Any saved filters list in alphabetical order

The saved Filter list in any Datagrid are now in alphabetical order making it easier to search for the Filter you require.

Faster course bookings

When you right-click on a course within a Datagrid, Add to Basket is now one of the first available options making it even easier to make a course booking. 

View all communications to a User within the Users-Communications area

Previously, not all communications were stored in the Users > Communications areas. Now, you can view the communications that were sent mapped to the Delegate, Course Date or User. 

Easily identify that you are in the Test site

In the top left corner of the system you can now see that you are in the test site instead of the live site. This is to help avoid any action being taken by mistake when testing a process.