4th December, 2017

The latest release includes the feature updates listed below.

Feature Updates

Survey Submissions 

Through the Surveys option in Course Maintenance, you are now able to see a list of all Course Evaluations that have been sent for that Course Date and whether they have been submitted or not.

This page has been updated to help you manage and clearly see which Course Evaluations have been sent.

Send invoices as PDF attachments through Workflows

Now send invoices as PDF attachments when sending through Workflows that use the InvoiceModel.

This option can be found when creating or editing the actions for such Workflows.


Bug Fixes

  • The quick link 'View Course' found in the UserCourseDateDocuments actions has been updated and now works correctly.
  • Sender name can no longer be specified when sending an SMS workflow. One single sender name is set in the background of the system.