23rd August, 2017

The latest release includes the bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Viewing the correct invoice against an invoice

You can now view the invoiced email address from the Datagrid or preview window against an invoice record.

To do this, change the columns in the Invoices Datagrid and choose Invoiced Email Address.

You can also right click against the invoice and choose Preview which will include the same email address.

Re-executing Workflow Instances

It is now possible to re-execute instances of individual workflows. Once a Workflow has been created, it will appear in the Instances tab (see below).

To do this, access Workflows from the Administration menu options, right click on the Workflow and select Actions.

To do this, go to Instances, then right click against an instance and choose Execute.

Sending SMS as part of a Workflow

It is now possible to send an SMS as part of a Workflow action.

When you are in the Action of a Workflow, you are able to change the Action Name to Send an SMS Text Message instead of Email.

Please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager in order to activate the SMS ability in Workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue whereby My Teaching options were dropping after saving
  • Resolved an issue whereby filtering the User Datagrid by 'User Type' was erroring
  • Resolved an issue contained in the iCal link against a Text Template
  • Resolved an issue whereby delegates were unable to be merged on some systems