accessplanit's Changelog

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Our Changelog is our way of communicating updates about our platform, upcoming training sessions, top-tips, and accessplanit news with you!

The Changelog is available at the top of the accessplanit system, and it can also can be accessed via an RSS feed in Outlook.

Where can I access accessplanit’s Changelog?

You can access accessplanit’s Changelog either by going directly to the full changelog feed here:

Alternatively, the Changelog is accessible at the top of your platform when you are logged in!

Receive Changelog updates in Outlook

If you would like to have notifications about new changelog posts in your Outlook, please follow the steps below!

  1. Open Outlook and find the RSS Subscriptions folder

  2. Right click and select Add a New RSS Feed…

  3. Enter the feed address of

  4. Drag and drop the Feed in Outlook into the position wanted