27th March, 2017

Latest release includes bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Now Add Links to Text Templates

When setting up recurring communications, you want to ensure that they remain current without any intervention from your team. You are now able to add file and image links to your Workflow Text Templates from your File Manager. This means you can include assets such as terms and condition documents or images and if these are updated in your File Manager they will automatically be updated in your Text Templates.   

Bulk Import Sessional Course Plans

We know your time is precious so this feature means that you no longer need to build sessional course plans manually. You can now bulk import sessional course plan items into your system. This provides you with the ability to build large numbers of sessional course templates in one go.

You can find this option in the bulk importer in the legacy system

Manage Account Finance Options in Your New System

Now manage your account finance options in your new system meaning you don’t have to switch back to the legacy system. The Account Finance Option has now migrated and can be found in the Administration area at the top right of your system. The area is similar to the legacy lay out for ease of use.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to Manager Authorisation
    • Managers previously had problems when booking or cancelling delegates from courses. This issue has now been resolved
  • Unsubscribe link in eCampaigns
    • This link is now auto-injected into any marketing emails at the bottom of the communication rather than having to manually input it
  • Courses not being able to be exclusively assigned to specific accounts 
    • Some users experienced difficulty assigning exclusivity of courses to specific accounts. This bug has now been fixed.
  • My Resources not showing files in portal
    • There were issues with the My Resources page in the portal not showing files uploaded to the delegate record's File Store. This has now been resolved.