17th March, 2017

Latest release includes bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates


Workflows are now ready to be built and edited within the administration area. All customers have access to pre-built Text Templates and Workflow Templates. 

Please ensure that both the Creation Rule and Execution Rule are not enabled until you are ready to turn on the communications.

For further information around Workflows, please visit the dedicated page on the help guide by clicking here.


You can now manipulate the columns on any given datagrid by clicking '...' at the top right of the datagrid.  

  • Click on the field, such as Account Name, to change the column.
  • Click on the empty box to choose which column will sort the data, either ascending or descending
  • Use the + and - to add or remove columns
  • Click on the arrows on the right to change the order of the columns

You can now also display all rows of data in a Datagrid by selecting the number per page and adjusting to suit. For more information on Datagrids, visit the help guide article. 

Be careful how many rows of data you choose to display at once. If you try to load thousands of lines of data, then ensure that there are only a couple of columns displayed from the Datagrid. Trying to load a high amount of data at once can cause the system to slow down temporarily

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes to the eLearning Datagrid
    • Some users were experiencing errors when trying to manipulate the Datagrid. This has now been resolved
  • Functionality of cloning tasks
    • Tasks can now be cloned effectively in the system
  • Duplicate lines on some invoices
    • Some users were noting duplicate lines on invoices. This error has now been corrected.