6th April, 2017

Latest release includes bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Updates to Text Templates

You can now rename, delete and change the module of a Text Template in the system. In order to carry out any of these actions, you must ensure the Text Template is not linked to an existing Workflow. 

You can also manipulate the datagrid to show you what Text Templates are being used so you can ensure you are editing the correct one.

You can now add a certificate to a text template by using the quick links. This will auto-populate with the certificate that is relevant for that course instance.

eLearning Sessional Course Plans

You can now create eLearning sessional courses by adding multiple templates under 'Plan'. This allows you to create an eLearning bundle by clicking '+' then selecting the appropriate eLearning Course Template.

New System Transition

The below areas have now been transitioned over to the new system in the latest release:

  • Error Logs - These can now be found in the Administration area
  • Skills Profile - This now resides in the Administration area
  • Importer - This now resides in the Administration area
  • 'Add to Basket' - This now an option on the course calendar in the new system

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to the Credit Notes datagrid
    • Credit Note ID and Reference are now available fields to display on this datagrid
  • Problems with Dashboard gadgets
    • Using 'Viability' to define a dashboard gadget previously caused an error. This has now been resolved
  • Cloning Resources on Sessional Courses
    • There was an error when trying to clone resources across all sessions. This has now been resolved