How To: Categories



How to create Categories for Course Templates and Awards

  1. Select Categories from the Administration menu. This will take you to the Categories DataGrid. To learn more about DataGrids, click here.

  2.  Select Add to create a new Category.

  3. Once you have selected Add, enter the Label, Category Type, and Colour of your Category.

  4. Click Save to save your Category.

How to associate a Category with a Course Template/Award

  1. Select Categories from the Administration menu.

  2. Right click the Category you wish to assign to Course Templates and/or Awards.

  3. Select Edit from the context menu. Navigate to either the Course Template or Awards tab within the Category Maintenance page.

  4. To associate a Course Template or Award to a Category, select Add and choose the relevant Course Template or Award. 

  5. Ticking the box Keep corresponding awards updated and will also automatically associate any Course Templates/Awards with the Category that are related to the Award or Course Template you have added to the Category.

  6. Alternatively. you can associate Awards and Course Templates with Categories from the Categories tab within the Course Template's or Award's Maintenance page found within the relevant DataGrid.


Why would I create Categories?

Creating Categories is a great way to group courses together. They can help to set up:

  • Course exclusivity.
  • Organising courses for a website feed.
  • Colouring Categories so that your course calendar can be viewed by category colour.
  • Grouping all of certain type of course together e.g. First Aid Category (this can then have specific colour as mentioned above).