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A Course is a scheduled instance of a Course Template, you can find more information about Course Templates here. A Course can be a Class based (i.e. run in a classroom), Web based (i.e. run online), eLearning (i.e. run from an eLearning package), or Knowledge Document (i.e. the content is accessed from a document/PowerPoint).

Most settings defined at the Course Template level will be copied to the the Course when it is is scheduled, such as the standard duration, cost, and min/max places, however you can often override these if a particular course has different settings (such as a different cost).


Here is a video giving you a quick overview of Courses on the accessplanit platform:


Where to find the Courses area

The Courses DataGrids and Calendar are available in the left-hand menu.

Information stored against a Course

The information you can store about a Course will change depending on which type of Course it is. You can store extra information for eLearning, etc. courses, which you will store at the Course Template level. For Class Courses, you can change details at the Course Date level, such as:

Details: Here is where you can store the basic details of a Course Date, including the start/end dates, maximum places, advertise options and whether the Course Date is sessional.

Attributes: You can add information about a Course Date that does not fit in any other area here. Attributes can't be displayed in a DataGrid, or used in Workflow rules, however they can be useful for reporting purposes.

Text: Here, you can include a Course Date Description and choose whether to enter specific Joining Instructions for this Course Date, or whether to use the Joining Instructions that are included at the Course Template level.

Exclusivity: Here, you can specify which Accounts/Account Groups have Exclusivity for this Course Date, which means users in different Accounts/Account Groups will not be able to be booked onto the Course Date.

Delegates: Here, you can see a list of Delegates that have records for this Course Date, whether they have been Booked, Transferred, etc.

Placeholders: Here, you can find details for any Placeholder places that have been booked for this Course Date. You can find more information about Placeholders here.

Resources: Here, you can see which Resources are needed for a Course Date, e.g. trainers, venue, equipment..

Trainer Confirmations: This is where you can send out Trainer Confirmations to any trainers that are attached to this Course Date, and view their responses. You can find more information about Trainer Confirmations here.

Fees: Here, you can add, edit, and view any Fees or Expenses related to this Course Date.

Sessions: If the Course Date is Sessional (built up of several child sessions), then you will be able to see here which Course Dates are the child sessions for this head course.

Bookings: Here, you can see any Bookings that have been made onto this course through the Shopping Basket.

Profitability:Here, you can see a breakdown of the fees, expenses, and income for the Course Date.

Note: Here, you can add, edit, and view Notes related to the Course Date.

File Store: Here, you can add, edit and view any files related to the Course Date.

Communications: Here, you can view any Communications that have been sent out related to the Course Date. You can also send emails from this DataGrid.

Tasks: Here, you can add, edit, and view any tasks related to the Course Date. You can find more information about Tasks here.

Meetings: This stores any past or upcoming Meetings that are related to the Course Date. You can also schedule and edit a Meeting in this area. 

Surveys: Here, you can see any Surveys for delegates booked on this Course Date. You can see if they have submitted their survey yet, and view their answers.

Price Schemes: Here, you can see any Price Schemes that have been applied to this Course Date. You can find more information about Price Schemes here.

Display Links: Here, you can find various direct links to this Course Date, such as a Book Now Link, which will take the User straight to your platform's Shopping Basket with this particular Course Date already in the Basket.

Workflow Errors & Instances: This section is for tracking how many Workflows this Course Date record has triggered, and if there have been any errors. However, this will not show any Workflows that a user may have triggered as a Delegate on a course.

Audit Logs - This area allows you to track any changes made about the Course Date, such as who made the changes and when.

You can read the full help guide page for Courses here.