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An Account is generally speaking a customer of your business. Users within your accessplanit platform are stored within Accounts, and can use this Account to pay for courses through the Shopping Basket. 

Here is a video giving you a quick overview of Accounts on the accessplanit platform:


Where to find the Accounts area

The Accounts DataGrid is available in the left-hand menu.

Information stored against an Account

You can store the following information about an Account:

Details: Here is where you can store an Account's label, Account manager, description, number of employees, status, tax details, and tags.

Contact and Other Addresses: Here is where you store an Account's main contact details, including: addresses, phone numbers, and email address.

Attributes: You can add information about an Account that does not fit in any other area here such as tax rate. Attributes can't be displayed in a DataGrid, or used in Workflow rules, however they can be useful for reporting purposes.

Employees: Here is where you can manage the employees of an Account. You can add new Users here, and you can also send emails from this DataGrid.

Groups - This stores the Account Group that an Account belongs to. You can read more about Account Groups here.

Industries - This stores any industries that are associated with this Account. You can read more about Industries here.

Bookings - This is where you can see any bookings for this Account.

Notes - This stores any notes that have been made against an Account.

File Store - This stores any files that you want on the platform to be associated with this Account.

Communications - Here, you can view any Communications that have been sent to this Account. You can also send an email to the Account from this area. 

Opportunities - Here, you can view any Opportunities that have been linked to this Account. You can read more about Opportunities here.

Tasks - This is where you can find any Tasks that have been assigned to this Account. You can also add and edit Tasks in this area.

Meetings - This stores any past or upcoming Meetings that this Account has been scheduled to attend. You can also schedule and edit a Meeting in this area.

Invoices - This stores any invoices that have been targeted towards the Account. You can also make a payment against an invoice in this area.

Credit Notes - This stores any Credit Notes that have been targeted to the Account.

Vouchers - This stores any Vouchers that have been issued to the Account.

Workflow Errors & Instances - This section is for tracking how many Workflows this Account has triggered, and if there have been any errors.

Audit Logs - This area allows you to track any changes made about the Account, for example, who made the changes and when.


You can read the full help guide page for Accounts here.