Upgrading a User to a Training Administrator

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This page shows you how to upgrade an existing users Roles to upgrade them to a Training Administrator. 

Finding the existing user

  1. Go to the Users DataGrid on the main left hand menu

  2. Search for the user that you are wanting to upgrade the Roles for using the search field at the top right of the Users DataGrid

  3. Once you have found the User, right click on the User and select Edit

  4. Scroll down to the employment section and you will see the current Main Role of the user. 

  5. Select the Roles menu from the main left hand menu in order to upgrade the currently selected User's Main Role to a Training Administrator

  6. Right click and edit the existing Role

  7. Click the select button next to the current Role, in this case, the current Role is Individual

  8. Search for and select the Training Administrator role, the ID for this role is CMTADMIN

  9. Once this role is selected, click OK

  10. On the final step, you can restrict the Role over specific Account Groups or Accounts if you want the User to only have access to specific Accounts or Account Groups of your platform, (for more information on Account Groups click here for more information on Accounts click here)  click Save & Close 

The selected User now has their permissions changed to a Training Company Administrator.