How To: Course Templates


How to add a Course Template

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid and click Add.

  2. Choose your Training Provider from the drop-down box.~

  3. Then, enter the name of your Course Template and ensure that the correct Course Type is selected.

  4. Complete the new Course Template form with any more details that you would like to add, such as course duration, course cost, and min/max places. Typically, the more information that you include about each course on the Template, the quicker your scheduling process will be.

  5. Save changes by clicking Save. 

How to edit a Course Template

  1. To edit a Course Template, navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Template you would like to edit. This will open an context menu.

  3. Depending on what you are wanting to change, you can either go straight to that area, or you can select Edit to bring up the Course Template Maintenance page.

    Use the Bulk Edit tool in the Course Templates DataGrid to update multiple Course Templates with the same information. This is useful for changing the advertisement settings of a course, or any other information that needs to be applied across a large proportion of Course Templates.

    Any changes made to the Course Template will only apply to any future course dates that are created. However, Workflows can be configured to pull information from the Course Template, so any communications set up by Workflows using the Course Template would then show the updated information. Bear this in mind when editing established Course Templates. 

How to use Course Template categories

Categories allow you to sort your courses and Templates for easy filtering, website integration, and reporting.

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Template you would like to associate with a Category, and select Categories. This will take you to a DataGrid.

  3. Click Add:

  4. Select the  relevant Categories and click OK:

  5. Then click Save.

    Adding new Categories to the platform can be done within Administration. Click here to read more about Categories.

    Course Templates can belong to more than one Category. If you use colour-code your Categories and a course is associated to more than one colour, then the item will appear grey within the Courses - Calendar view.

How to define Course Template exclusivity

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Course Template, and select Exclusivity from the context menu.

  3. Select Add button against the Account or Account Group options to specify the Account or Account Groups you wish to make the course exclusive to.

  4. Click OK and then Save.

How to add Course description text

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid.

  2. Right click on the Template you wish to update and select Text from the context menu.

  3. Enter content into the relevant text boxes.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

How to upload Course-specific Files

  1. Navigate to the Course Templates DataGrid. 

  2. Right click on the course and select File Store from the context menu.

  3. Select Add to add the relevant files.

  4. Enter a name for your File, and click 'Browse' to select your file.

  5. Select which statuses Delegates must have to access the file, and then tick to allow Trainers and/or Delegates to access the file from their Portal

  6. Click Save & Close to add the File to the course. 

Delegates will then be able to access the file from the My Resources page of their portal.

Trainers will also be able to access the file from their My Teaching page.

You can find information about uploading and managing files in the File Store section of the help guide.