How To: Account Groups


How to create an Account Group

  1. Select Account Groups from the Administration menu.  This will take you to the Account Groups DataGrid. To learn more about DataGrids, click here.

  2. To add an Account Group, select Add in the DataGrid.

  3. Enter the ID and Label for the Account Group. Decide whether you want this Account Group to be Protected.

  4. Select a Company that this Account Group is associated with if you wish.

  5. Assign Parent and Child Account Groups your new Account Group by clicking Add. Selecting a group that is within one of the boxes and clicking Remove will remove the Parent / Child Account Group(s) selected.

  6.  To save your Account Group, click Save & Close.

How to delete an Account Group

  1. Select Account Group from the Administration menu. 

  2. Right click the Account group you wish to delete, and select Delete from the bottom of the context menu.

  3. When asked to confirm whether you want to delete the Account group, click Yes.


  • If I have accidentally deleted an Account Group, can I get it back or 'un-delete' it?
    If a group is deleted, it will not delete any of the Accounts that belong to that group. The Accounts will still exist and potentially still be accessible if they still belong to another group that you have access to.
    It is a quick job to create a new group and move Accounts over to the new group. Restoring anything that was deleted is typically done on your test site, as we would not want to overwrite any work done since the last back-up.

  • Can groups be renamed?  
    Yes, groups can be renamed but this will be reflected system-wide, so always make sure that all of your Administrators are in agreement before changing anything.

  • Can I look at an Account and see what group(s) it belongs to? 
    Yes. Visit Accounts from the left-hand navigation menu, right-click and select 'edit' on the Account you are interested in, then select 'Groups' from the left-hand sub-menu. This will show a list of all currently associated Account Groups.
    Note: You can actually add or remove company groups from this section that relate to the specific Account you have selected.