Platform Set Up


Set Up Checklist

Whilst completing the familiarisation guide, use the checkboxes below to mark your progress. If you come across any issues or note any changes you would like to make, please contact your Implementation Manager.


  • Total number of users
  • Correct permission set assigned
  • Belong to the correct Account
  • Email addresses

Check guide here.


  • Total number of accounts
  • Belong to the correct Account Group
  • Contact details

Check guide here.

Course Templates

  • Total number of course templates
  • Course template costs and (if present) price schemes
  • Course template min / max places
  • Course durations and sessions plans
  • Categories
  • Course text

Check guide here.

Course Dates

  • Total number of course dates
  • Trainers
  • Venues

Check guide here.


  • Total number of trainers
  • My Teaching options for trainers
  • Trainers and their associated courses
  • Total number of venues
  • Total number of other resources

Check guide here.