If you have costs associated to your course that you would like the delegates to be charged for, such as admin fees, then these can be added to the Course Date itself.

You can keep track of any Fees against a Course Date and choose whether these need to be rechargeable or not, and these will be included in the course's Profitability table.

Where to find Fees

To view and manage any Fees against a Course Date, you should go to the Fees tab when editing the Course Date itself:

Adding a Fee

To add a Fee against a Course Date, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fees tab against the Course Date

  2. Click the green Add button

  3. The below dialog box will open where can fill in all the details for the Fee:

  4. The Course Date will be mapped automatically and this does not need to change.

  5. Fill in the Label for the Fee - which will appear in the basket and on the invoices.

  6. You can add a Reference for this if you would like, if you already have one that you would like to store against the Fee but not show in invoices.

  7. Select the Fee Type for this charge - the two options available to choose from are Fee and Expense. If you choose Expense, then another field will appear further down the page for Payment Method.

    You can customise the options in this list for your own accessplanit platform through the Custom List Items DataGrid, which you can find more information for here.

  8. Select a Fee Date if you would like.

  9. Add an Amount and Amount Type for the Fee.

  10. If you want the Fee to be paid by the delegate, then you will need to tick Rechargeable and select a Rechargeable Amount, which is how much the delegate should be paying for this Fee.

  11. You can also add notes in the Description section for reporting purposes.

  12. Click Save & Close.