Class Course Trainer Confirmations Overview

Trainer Confirmation emails are a quick and easy way for you to check with your Trainer that they can teach the course that you have assigned them to.

Trainer Confirmations are only available on Class Courses.

How to send Trainer Confirmation emails

  1. Open the Courses - Class DataGrid.

  2. Right-click on the course you wish to send Trainer Confirmations to, and then select Trainer Confirmations from the context menu. (bottom option in screenshot)

  3. You will need to ensure that there is a Trainer assigned to this course.

  4. You can then choose which Trainers you would like to send the confirmation email to and enter any additional comments you would like to send to the Trainer in the email.

  5. Click Send.

Where do Trainer Confirmation responses go?

The Administrator that adds and sends out the Trainer Confirmations for courses will receive an email detailing the Trainer's response. The responses will not trigger any change to the course itself, as the confirmation emails only serve as a communication to the Administrators.

For example, if the Trainer declines the request, they will not be automatically removed from the course. The Administrator who has received the confirmation response would need to do this manually.

If a Trainer declines a confirmation request email and another is sent out to the same Trainer, they will not be able to accept as they have already previously declined.