Opportunities from the Enquiry Form

The Enquiry Form Plugin

Whether you already have an enquiry form on your website or not, it is worth considering adding the accessplanit enquiry form plugin to your webpages.

When a user completes the enquiry form, an Opportunity is automatically created for them in your Opportunities DataGrid. This saves countless admin hours and reduces the chance of human error. You can also then choose to set up an automated thank you email via Workflows, to let your prospective customer know what the next steps are, and timelines for your response.

How the Enquiry Form works with Opportunities

Once your Enquiry Form is built on your website using your accessplanit plugin, you are all set to automatically receive Opportunities.

When someone completes the enquiry form that you have built, the following events will happen in your accessplanit platform:

  1. A new User will be added using the personal information supplied in the form
    Unless the User already exists on accessplanit with the same Forename, Surname and Email Address.

  2. A new Account will be added using the 'Company' information supplied
    Unless the Account already exists on accessplanit, if Account details have been supplied in the form.

  3. The User created in step 1 will be added into the Account created in step 2.
    If Account details are not supplied by the user, or you do not choose to capture them in your form, the user will be added into your holding 'Guest Company'.

  4. If the user has selected an Industry within the form, their new Account will be added to the Industry in your accessplanit platform.

  5. A new Opportunity is added:

    • The Opportunity will be owned by the 'Owner ID' company that you supply within the feed - this is the Training Provider you would like the Opportunity to sit under).

    • The Opportunity will be given a standard label, such as “Online enquiry” - this is configurable using the 'Title' field in the Plug-In.

    • The Opportunity will be linked to the Account and User from steps 1 and 2.

    • The 'Description' field against the Opportunity will be populated with the free-text supplied by the User for the 'Additional Information' field.

  6. If the User has selected a Course Template for their enquiry, a new Opportunity Item for that specific course will be added and linked to your new Opportunity.