The latest release includes the bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Attach documents to automated emails 

Using the Workflow Engine, you can now attach a document to an automated email. An example of this would be attaching a booking form to an enquiry email. 

Simply select the document you would like to attach to your email using the Attachments field in Workflow Template Actions.

Preview a Workflow email before it is sent

When defining email content as part of a Workflow, hit Preview to see how it will appear to the recipient before it is sent.  

Use the Preview Object selector to preview content as a specific user. 


Save button now anchored

We’ve made an update to your system making it even easier to save your progress. The Save button is now anchored, meaning it will always be visible on your screen.

To save even more time, you can also use the Save shortcut by selecting CTRL + S.

Update your Shopping Basket terms and conditions as and when required

A terms and conditions option is now available in the Shopping Basket 3 Options meaning you can now update your terms and conditions as and when they change.

Send AdHoc email content 

As an email sender, you now have the option to select either a Text Template or to provide a constant value (AdHoc) so you no longer need to create a Text Template prior to sending the email. 

Allow users to search for their company within the Shopping Basket

First time delegates can now search for and book training against their company account in the Shopping Basket using a unique company ID (this uses the External ID property). This helps reduce duplicate companies being created in your system. This functionality is optional, contact the Support Helpdesk to learn more and activate this in your Shopping Basket.