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The latest release includes the bug fixes and feature updates below.

Feature Updates

Limit the number of bookings per account

You can now limit the number of delegates a company can book onto a course date.

By selecting the maximum users from the same account on a course, you are able to keep the course date diverse with delegates from various clients.

Workflow Signatures

You can now use the same signature for all workflows created in the system. 

To do this, simply create the signature as a text template using the User Module. This will then be available when creating the email in the Action of the Workflow.

Course Date External ID

You can now add an External ID to a Class or Web based Course Date.

This will be visible when you initially schedule the course in the system as displayed below.

Delegate Smartgrid

You can now see the number of spaces left on a course from the Delegate SmartGrid. 

A useful example of this would be to display all delegates on a waiting list where the number of spaces left is greater than 0.

Don't forget, you can also have this as a gadget on your Dashboard!

Course Certificate Number

The ability to choose the certificate number a course template will start on has now been transferred into the new system.

This can be found against the Course Template under the 'Certificate' box.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue whereby some users scroll through reports in Report Writer. Specifically, this affected IE11 users.
  • Resolved an issue whereby courses that were marked as unadvertised were still pulling through to the web feed
  • Resolved an issue which prevented trainers and resources becoming available upon cancellation of a course