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Test Platform

Alongside your Live, production platform is a Test platform. This is used by the accessplanit team to test all new features, developments, and bug fixes.

We can provide you with access to your Test environment as it can be very handy for practicing and testing out new processes, however you must bear in mind that this system may be unstable and may become unavailable as we apply new releases and complete our own testing.

Sandbox Platform 

During your implementation phase with accessplanit you will be provided with a Sandbox environment free of charge to complete your process mappings and to get familiar with the platform before you begin to work on your Live, production platform.

Sandbox environments receive the same updates as the Live platforms. This means that when you are process mapping you can be sure that all processes that work on your Sandbox will also work on your Live platform.

Once your implementation phase is complete, your Sandbox will be turned off. If you would like to keep your Sandbox for an extra month or longer, this is possible however there is a charge for the ongoing maintenance and server space. Speak to your Customer Success Manager at accessplanit for more information.

You can also purchase a Sandbox environment if you would like to keep this as a permanent testing space for yourselves, you can speak to your Customer Success Manager for more information on this.

Sending emails from Test and Sandbox Platforms

The Test and Sandbox platforms block nearly all emails from sending out. This allows you to make test bookings, cancellations, and other processes without worrying about real emails sending out to your customer base. You are still able to view all of the emails which which would have  have sent by accessing the the Communications log.

There are a couple of exceptions to the block:

  1. The ‘Send Sample’ option available in Workflows. For each Workflow set up in accessplanit you are now able to preview the email that would be sent and send a sample email for it to fully test the content. To do this you would access the Workflow Action and select the Preview option at the top right.

  2. It is also possible to bypass this block for specific email addresses in order to test your emails send when they should and to see how they look in an inbox. Speak to your Implementation Manager or Customer Success Manager to allow specific email addresses to receive emails from your Test or Sandbox environment.

System Security

Sandbox site

Test site

Sandbox sites have the same security infrastructure and measures as live sites (/wiki/spaces/BKF/pages/288686088). The Data Controller is the customer. When the sandbox is no longer needed, we follow the same process to shut it down as we would a live site. Data will be returned to the customer upon request. All backups are deleted after 30 days.

Test sites have the same security infrastructure as live sites. The data processed in Test sites is anonymised, accessplanit is the Data Controller. Test sites are not monitored for downtime in the same way as live sites and the data is not backed up by accessplanit.