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This page will guide you though how to integrate your Opayo (formally SagePay) account with your accessplanit systemplatform.

Setting up Opayo for use with your accessplanit Systemaccessplanit 

The following details are required to link your Opayo account to your accessplanit system platform :

  • Vendor Name
  • List of supported card types

Opayo Requirements

You will need to ensure that you have the following set up with Opayo

  1. You will need to ensure that you have both M (MOTO) and E (e-commerce) transaction types enabled on your Opayo account. This will allow you to take online bookings (e-commerce) and process bookings yourself without a 3D security stage (MOTO)
  2. You will need to provide the IP address of the system to Opayo so that payments are authorised, please contact the accessplanit Helpdesk Team to find out your IP Address

Opayo has a test mode available.

Please note, Opayo requires a billing address from booking users. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager to ensure your system has been configured to require a billing address in your Shopping Basket.

Adding Your Opayo Details into

your accessplanit System


  1. To add these details into your system, navigate to Administration > Account Finance Options.
  2. Scroll down to the Payment Methods section, within here you should see a list of available payment methods for your system including Invoice, Cash, BACS and Card. You should additionally see Opayo Direct as an option. If you do not see Opayo listed here please contact the accessplanit helpdesk team and they will enable this for you.

  3. Tick to enable Opayo .

  4. Select which Card Types you support.

  5. Tick to enable 3D Security if this is included in your Opayo account.

  6. Please ensure that the MOTO and E-Commerce boxes contain M and E.
    Vendor Data (MOTO) = M
    Vendor Data (E-Commerce) = E

  7. Tick to enable refunds if this is included in your Opayo account.

  8. Once you have completed this section, scroll down to the dedicated Opayo Details section of this page.

  9. Enter your Vendor Name.

  10. Tick to enable the test mode if have this currently enabled in your Opayo account.

  11. Click Update to save your changes.